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CD Rog 02 shrunkAs a recognized leader in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industries, Dr. Mary Jayne blogs on current research, fads and observations.

Mary Jayne is the founder of Profound WellnessTM, which was created to embrace the concept of whole-person health and provide avenues for each of us to discover and embark upon a journey toward a lifetime of Profound Wellness.

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Dairy Dairy Quite Contrary

milk glass bottleWhat comes to mind when you think of dairy?  Maybe those cute milk mustache ads, or the delectable American cheese ads?  Most of us think of dairy as wholesome, nourishing and healthful.  Milk has become glorified as a nutritional staple and symbol for healthy eating and nutrition in the US – so much so that denouncing dairy is tantamount to condemning baseball and apple pie.

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Childhood Obesity - Everyone’s Concern

Mary Jayne Rogers Ph.D.

kids feet 300It’s been too long since I have reached out to talk about what is happening in the world of health and wellness.  I’ve been involved with the Women Economic Forum (WEF) which is a global association of women who come together to address some of the world’s problems the way women do best – connecting, problem-solving, and dynamically facilitating change.

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Water Water Everywhere…(Second in a series)

By Dr. Mary Jayne Rogers

Dolphin smoochWe have been talking about how implementing small changes to our daily habits can make a big difference in our overall health and well-bing. Today I want to talk about water.

I am just back from a meeting in Florida where I took the opportunity to swim with the Dolphins in Key Largo. Talk about the epitome of ‘water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink’! As you know, dolphins are mammals and require fresh water to survive.

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