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Calories -To count or not to count?

fresh plated saladDo you remember “The Count” from Sesame Street?  While he’s not my favorite Sesame Street personality, sometimes throughout the day I remind myself of The Count. 

You see, I’m a chronic calorie counter.  Part of that stems from the years of obsessive-compulsive tendencies that accompany an eating disorder.  But a good bit of it comes from being post-menopausal and trying to maintain a healthy weight.

Should you be a calorie counter?

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What the heck with “What the Health”?

I was at a cocktail party recently when I heard two young women talking about the documentary, “What the Health?”.  As you know, I try to stay on top of articles and media about health and wellness and felt out of the loop for not being aware of this film.  What particularly caught my attention was the discussion they were having, based on the film, that sugar is NOT bad for you and in fact all of our health woes come from animal based products.


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Dairy Dairy Quite Contrary

milk glass bottleWhat comes to mind when you think of dairy?  Maybe those cute milk mustache ads, or the delectable American cheese ads?  Most of us think of dairy as wholesome, nourishing and healthful.  Milk has become glorified as a nutritional staple and symbol for healthy eating and nutrition in the US – so much so that denouncing dairy is tantamount to condemning baseball and apple pie.

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Small Steps Can Lead to Big Strides - First in a Series

In my last blog I talked about the idea of letting your resolution “emerge” as you settle into the New Year.  But let’s face it, it’s the New Year and most people take this opportunity to make decisions about life changes.  As I have been doing radio interviews for my book, this theme continually arises.

The underlying idea in my book is that as we begin to take small steps in changing our lifestyle, we can gain big strides toward achieving a healthy, balanced life.

In my next few blogs, I will talk about some of the small changes you can begin to make in your food selection and approach to moving more.  

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