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Inspiring meaningful changes toward a life of Profound Wellness®

Dr MaryJayne Rogers

Dr MaryJayne Rogers
Thank you for joining me to discover, discuss and encourage the elements within you that make you unique; those gifts that when nurtured, contribute to optimum health and wellbeing.

I hope to inspire you to enrich your life with a conscious commitment to movement, nourishment and mindful self-expression. This is Profound Wellness. It is whole-person health and it allows us to experience vitality and love from within that we may bring more of ourselves to our families, careers, and society.

Welcome. I invite you to use the resources on my website and incorporate them in your healthy lifestyle. Please contact me for more information about wellness education and coaching.

Doctor MaryJayne's One Minute Wellne…

Dr. Mary Jayne Rogers Author and Wellness Expert on KOBTV's One Minute Wellness broadcast March 29.   ...

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Casey is visiting with Dr. Mary Jayn…

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Casey Messer recently on "Good Day New Mexico" on KOBTV. We talked about my new book and other healthy options for Ne...

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Small Steps Make Big Strides - Prote…

In my last couple of blogs we have been talking about small steps that can lead to big strides in improving our overall health and well-being. Today I want to t...

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Small Steps Can Lead to Big Strides …

In my last blog I talked about the idea of letting your resolution “emerge” as you settle into the New Year.  But let’s face it, it’s the New Year and most...

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