Aging Well

Aging Well with Pilates

Osteoarthritis and Beyond

As you may know, I will soon be having a total hip replacement.  When I mention this to those who know me, I get this incredulous look and the inevitable question, “You?”  “How did this happen?”

It’s a great question.  I wish I knew the answer.

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Do You Need More Protein As You Age?

Why all the fuss about protein?

Protein and AgingAs someone who has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years as well as someone who has "formal training" in nutrition and exercise, I felt as though I had a pretty good handle on protein requirement and intake. As a physically active vegetarian, I have been keenly aware that I must make sure I am getting adequate protein in my diet at every meal and most snacks. I felt confident that I was eating properly for my body size and lifestyle.

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How to Slow the Effects of Aging

Often when we discuss the aging, we focus on changes we might observe in Coordination, Motor Control and Psychomotor Skills with advanced age.  Perhaps we simply generalize about aging and make the assumption that these changes are inevitable.

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Avoid the Ageism Trap

Exercise and Age - Finishing A setThere is much ado about aging these days.  We worry about looking old, feeling old, getting old, and being old.  We definitely do not feel good about old.  Old conjures up thoughts about osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, loss of sight, loss of hair, loss of hearing, loss of mind... 

Satchel Paige said, "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" 

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