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Original Interview with Casey on "Good Day New Mexico"

We talked about my new book and other healthy options for New Mexicans. 

I would like to encourage everyone to take charge of their health and well-being. It’s never too late. Even small changes can make a big difference your quality of life. Tip: Drink more water!

Did you miss my Wellness Minute? Never fear, past broadcasts are below. Please watch them in chronological order.

One Minute Wellness - March 29 2017

Don’t be a dried-up sponge. Drink at least eight 8 oz. servings of water each day. Don’t like the taste? Add lemons, limes, cucumbers or mint.

One Minute Wellness - April 4 2017

Don’t be fooled by “healthier drink options” like juice or fruit juice blends. The sugar content in these drinks is parallel to that in the same serving of soda. Your best bet for fluids is water!

One Minute Wellness - April 11 2017

Many fruit juices can have more sugar than Coke! Fruit is good for you when you eat the whole fruit rather than just the juice. The whole fruit provides more nutrients and fiber to reduce the “sugar-load” on your system.

One Minute Wellness - April 18 2017

Americans have become addicted to sugar which is leading to our obesity crisis as well as diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Try to avoid processed food. When you must purchase processed food, read the label to confirm there is no sugar or artificial sweetener added.

One Minute Wellness - April 26 2017

Avoid artificial sweeteners! They are highly addictive, they cause you to GAIN weight and contribute to the same diseases as sugar.

One Minute Wellness - May 2 2017

Good carbs. Bad carbs. Remember that vegetables and fruits are also carbohydrates. They are the good guys. Bad carbs are those that cause our blood sugar to rise dramatically with little or no nutritional value. These include, pasta, rice, corn, white potatoes and bread. Note that it doesn’t matter whether the product is labeled gluten free. It still has the same effect on your blood sugar. Limit these foods to an occasional treat.

One Minute Wellness - May 10  2017

Good fat. Bad fat. Fat is good for us. Our bodies need fat, especially our brains! Choose healthy fats in foods such as salmon, avocado, olives, nuts, seeds and coconut (and their respective oils). Avoid vegetable oils, canola oil and vegetable shortening

One Minute Wellness - May 16  2017

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