Aging Well

Often when we discuss the aging, we focus on changes we might observe in Coordination, Motor Control and Psychomotor Skills with advanced age.  Perhaps we simply generalize about aging and make the assumption that these changes are inevitable.

What I find fascinating about the discussion and review of literature is that no one seems to be talking about how lifestyle factors such as smoking, highly-processed fatty food, and lack of exercise can figure in to the equation. Recently there have been studies at UCLA and the University of Pittsburgh reporting that brains of overweight and obese subjects appeared eight to 16 years older than what would otherwise be expected. Studies have also shown that obesity is highly linked to dementia. Couple these findings with those of Stephen Blair in the 1990's that showed lack of exercise to be more detrimental to your health than smoking.......

It begs the question on the effects of aging doesn't it?

Is the decline that we see in individuals of advanced age due simply to living longer OR can much of this decline be caused by basic lifestyle elements?                                                                        AND can we slow the progress of decline by changing our lifestyles?

Most of the people I have spoken with would love to live a long but HEALTHFUL life, but fewer are willing to change lifestyle factors that could make this a reality for them.

The message is ancient and simple. And your mother knew the secret.

All things in moderation. Eat your vegetables. Go outside and play. Get some fresh air and sunshine.....

Imagine......... Mom held the key to a multi-billion dollar industry. And so do you!
Thanks Mom!

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