foundations of pilates

foundations of pilates dvd cover
foundations of pilates dvd coverfundamentals of pilates
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foundations of pilates© was created for those individuals who are beginning a fitness program and who may be interested in pursuing Pilates as a movement method and lay the foundation for any safe, effective movement program. foundations of pilates© is available in DVD form and as downloadable quicktime movies.

foundations of pilates© will lead you through Pilates-specific techniques and information including:

  • Pilates breathing techniques
  • Neutral Spine and Pelvis.
  • Core Engagement
  • Shoulder Girdle Stability & Mobility
  • Pelvic Girdle Stability & Mobility
  • Utilizing the Core in
  • Spinal Flexion
  • Spinal Extension
  • Lateral Spine Flexion
  • Spinal Rotation
  • Spine Articulation
  • Stretch & Relaxation

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