Doctor MaryJayne on Wellness

Welcome to 2010! This was one of those benchmark years for many fitness industry organizations. At the time we were setting goals we thought 2010 was so far away that surely we would have the time to change the "fitness world" as we know it.

But as with so many things, time slipped away from us, and here we are; facing the same challenges of 10+ years ago: An aging baby boomer population, Obesity on the rise, Increased health care costs, and A relatively small percentage of the population choosing to exercise for wellness.

How often have we heard the phrase, "At least you have your health.." Maybe in the past it sounded trite. But now as health care reform has been brought to the forefront of our attention, and as we embark on a New Year with New Resolutions, perhaps the value of health and wellness is becoming more and more evident.


I have the honor of working with clients who have serious health concerns ranging from cancer, to Parkinson's, to Cerebral Palsy to multiple joint replacements and I can assure you that good health can NEVER be over-rated!

As for myself, a 30+ year veteran of the Fitness Industry... Looking back over the course of my career, I recall feeling adamant about the positive effects of exercise and our ability to live long in health and wellness; overcoming the scourge of age, <sigh> if we only exercised and ate properly....

Ha Ha!

Well for me the holidays brought yet another birthday and I can safely tell you that age (like other things) happens.....

But I CAN tell you this - and the clients I mentioned above would agree - eating and exercising properly can make all the difference in the world in how you age, how you live, how you overcome illness, how you manage "dis"ease, and how you

If for no other reason than to take control of your health, NOW is the time to begin. Yes it is a new year, but I am not talking about your annual resolution. I am talking about the choices you make each day and each moment; choices about food, movement and well-being.

The Choice for Wellness is yours - in this moment - to help you be Fit for the Future!

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