• About Allie Coleman


    Allie completed her training at the Pilates Institute of Boulder where she was trained in the classical approach to the Pilates Method. She believes in mind-body work as a step by step daily process toward preventive medicine.  Allie is passionate about the teaching of Joseph Pilates and is excited to share it with others!

    You can contact her directly at allariecoleman@gmail.com 

  • foam roll Pilates

    Welcome to Foam Roll Pilates!

    This Program is geared toward the experienced Pilates Student who is looking for greater core challenge and precision.

    The  first part of the Video will focus on revisiting Pilates exercises you may already know and adapting them to the Foam Roll.

    The last part of the Video will provide techniques for myofascial release and relaxation.

    I hope you will join me on the Foam Roll!


    DVD Details:

    • The DVD has easy to digest and follow Chapters totalling over an hour of instruction.

    • DVD can be played on any standard DVD player or reader in a PC or Mac.

  • About Tracy Hodges

    tracy hodges

    tracy hodges
    Tracy has her Pilates certification from Pilates Santa Fe and Ray Kurshalls. She has been teaching Pilates reformer and mat for 10 years. She also has her BFA in Dance from UNM. Tracy believes that movememnt through Pilates and dance makes for a happy and healthy mind and body.

    Tracy is a dynamic teacher and is available for both private sessions and duets. Please contact for details.

  • pilates duet sessions

    These 50 minute sessions allow two people with similar needs and goals to share a session.  The sessions are designed to work through a variety of Pilates exercises to maximize the efficiency of the session for both individuals.

    Price is for single session. Discounts may be available. Email me.

  • Doctor MaryJayne's Services

    Providing a wide variety of Pilates and Fitness classes for all levels.

    Pilates Mat, Pilates with small equipment including the FitBall, Bosu, Foam Roll, DynaBands, Magic Circle and small weighted balls.

    Come check out a class!

    Private lessons and Duets are available using the Pilates Reformer, Tower of Power, Wunda Chair and small equipment.

    Dr. Rogers believes that Pilates is beneficial and appropriate for all levels of wellness and health. As a teacher, physiologist and fitness professional, Mary Jayne has worked with individuals with specific needs including Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Pregnancy, Joint Replacement, and Cancer.

    "Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
    Joseph Pilates

    "Movement truly enhances our life experience.  We all deserve the opportunity to move and grow well." 
    Dr. Mary Jayne

    Profound wellness® services are available to provide assistance, fitness evaluation and consultation to corporate clients to help their employees make health, wellness and nutritional changes in their daily living to increase productivity and lower health care costs. We also offer health club services and counseling services to corporate clients to help their employees make health, wellness and nutritional changes in their daily living to improve health and well-being.

  • Rick - Albuquerque

    I would recommend that you contact Dr. Mary Jayne Rogers of Profound Wellness. I have been working with her for several months now and can freely testify that my participation with her has been a major part of my recovery.  My golf handicap pre-celiac was 3 to 4.  I am now almost 0.  And it has helped more than just my golf game.  

    Rick -Albuquerque

  • private lessons

    Each  50 minute Pilates-based session is individually tailored to address your specific needs, goals and body type while promoting long term health, fitness and wellness.

    Buy singly or a package of 10 for a hefty discount.

    Half sessions upon request. Contact me

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