• Words Matter: 10 Steps to Healing from Word Wounds

    divine carolineWe have all heard and probably recited the nursery rhyme “sticks and stones can break my bones…” You know the rest: “But words can never hurt me.” If only it were true. The fact is that words do hurt. Unlike a bruise or broken bone, we can’t see the wound on the outside. Most of us can recall instances from our own lives when words cut deeply, causing wounds that may still hurt. Since these wounds are not visible to others, we go through life exhibiting behaviors that come from how we deal with these old hurts. If we try to bury the wound rather than learn from it, we not only prevent healing but we are likely to inflict pain on others.wellness logo

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  • What a Good Marriage Means to Your Health -

    Having a good marriage can lead to a number of health benefits, and the stronger the commitment the greater the rewards.

    hitchedlogo largeEvery year, we see more couples choosing not to marry. Many choose to cohabitate. Many do not want even that level of commitment. The Atlantic, recently reported that these couples are not afraid of marriage per se, but instead are afraid they will be unable to stay married. In other words, what they fear is divorce; which is understandable considering the emotional and financial ramifications of dissolving a marriage.


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