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  • Holiday Survival Guide

    dinner party 600

    dinner party 600
    Yikes! Here we are. The holiday season has crept up on us again. If you’re feeling as though you’re being chased by something just short of sinister, the feeling is well-founded. While the holidays are intended to be a time of celebration, gratitude, kindness and connection, often they also trigger stress, over indulgence, guilt and anxiety.

    This is NOT the time to start a diet, make a resolution or begin a drastic health regimen.  It IS a time to hunker down and hold on to our sanity, our composure, and our good judgment. We can think about a new routine in the new year.

  • Small Steps Can Lead to Big Strides - First in a Series

    In my last blog I talked about the idea of letting your resolution “emerge” as you settle into the New Year.  But let’s face it, it’s the New Year and most people take this opportunity to make decisions about life changes.  As I have been doing radio interviews for my book, this theme continually arises.

    The underlying idea in my book is that as we begin to take small steps in changing our lifestyle, we can gain big strides toward achieving a healthy, balanced life.

    In my next few blogs, I will talk about some of the small changes you can begin to make in your food selection and approach to moving more.  

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